Public Scholarship

What is Public Scholarship?

Scholarship is a vital and dynamic output of academic life. Yet often it is perceived as the product of an insular “ivory tower” that only generates knowledge for highly specialized audiences. Public scholarship, on the other hand, bridges the gap between academic inquiry and lay audience engagement. Its aim is to not only draw lay audiences into the conversation, but to also encourage their participation in co-creating knowledge.

Blogs, podcasts, videos, white papers, online articles, books and other 21st Century technologies provide endless possibilities for our faculty, students, and staff to translate their expertise for lay audiences, engage these audiences in critical conversations, and help move understanding forward.

Within the Department of Communication Studies at Colorado State University, our Ph.D. students are tasked with developing and producing public scholarship even as they focus on the scholarship that will launch their academic or private sector careers. Many of our faculty also produce public scholarship most often as a byproduct of their main scholarly pursuits. However, some faculty generate public scholarship as a primary way to share and co-create knowledge.

Public Scholarship by the Department of Communication Studies